3 weeks ago

a relative died of heart disease

i got phonecall at 1000 pm

there's no reason.. it just suddenly happened

grandma cried.. for she couldn't wake him up.. and just watched him gone

who is the one almost rased by grandma

father cried.. for he feels sorry to treat hom no so well

who is grown up with him.. who is only 8 years older than him

he doesn't have any children

so we helped at the funeral.. what we can do

i had keep my promise.. i didn't cry

for taiwanese believe that crying will let the person can't let go everything

so i keep my promise

now it's 3 weeks after the funeral

but the sorrow is not end.. 

grandpa just came home from the hospital

we didn't let he know this

we don't know how to tell hom this

how to tell him that his youngest brother isn't alive anymore

even there are a lot of problems during the funeral

but i think it's not easy to let a person go for everyone

especially who is the one that you live with

grandpa is occasionally can't remember where he is

who i am.. what time is it

but we are trying to keep him well

if watched the movie いち りとる の なみだ

then can understand the situation

give me some strength..please

i don't want to give up any chance

i can't stand this


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